It’s Time for the Critical First Step in RFP Submission – 
Updating your HOD

In less than 60 days, your first 2013 Consortia/TMC bids are due, followed closely by Corporate RFPs. To turn the bids and RFPs into business, you must follow the submissions with renegotiations, rate loading, audits and actionable sales steps. It’s an overwhelming process demanding time amongst the usual priorities that pop-up on an hourly basis at the hotel.

By taking some critical first steps NOW, you can make sure your hotel takes full advantage of the RFP season. This is the time when you need to update your property information and maximize your hotel’s appeal and presence with all of the client RFP and GDS opportunities.

Review Your Profile

When was the last time you updated and enhanced your GDS HOD? The bid process begins with a review of your hotel’s description on the GDS network. The HOD defines your hotel in the commercial market – everything from your size and capacity to amenities and concierge services. Regular business and leisure travelers do not base their decisions on price alone – they have specific expectations about the level of service and comfort, and will not choose a hotel that does not meet their needs.

By updating your HOD, you ensure that you are competing with the best information. There are dozens of fields to complete, describing every detail of your property and service.

A Smart eHotels™ Review

Smart eHotels automatically conducts this review for you. We compare your current HOD with an inventory of the property performed in collaboration with your management staff. We also review your top competitors HODs. We compile all of this information and recommend changes to your HOD. Changes are made if needed and, upon your approval, we proceed.

Smart eHotels builds your updated, revised property information and enters into Lanyon and other third party online bidding sites you have used.

Smart eHotels considers the pre-bidding preparation work to be the critical first step necessary in preparing your bids and realizing the strongest ROI. After all, the name of the game here is to grow your revenues.

Getting it Right in Lanyon

Lanyon is publishing many of the clients’ internal hotel directories. If your property information is outdated or incomplete in these client programs, you aren’t competing with all of your best data, and this can result in a loss of business.  Building the right property information in Lanyon can give you an advantage and directly influence the traveler.

Now is the time to take action and take advantage. Contact Smart eHotels.

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