Hotel Global Distribution Systems Part 2: All Information, All The Time

In the first piece of this series, we explained what a global distribution system (GDS) is and where it comes from. Now it’s time to discuss a few of the benefits your small or independent hotel can reap from GDS services.

All Information, All The Time

In the “always on” world of the Internet, a global distribution system makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime to book a room at your small or independent hotel. Here are a few more customer-friendly advances that make GDS the ultimate tool:

  • Complete information
    At a glance, a customer has access to all the information they need, and some they may not have known they wanted until that extra something special about your hotel pops up. It could be the price, room features, views, or amenities that puts your facility ahead of the competition.
  • Quick response
    Customers want their information, and they want it now. A global distribution system must deliver that information in a few seconds or less. In addition, customers want instant confirmation that the room they’ve bought from you is, indeed, theirs. That means integrating your email system with the GDS so that an instant confirmation email will shoot out to that customer whether you’re in the office or not.
  • It’s all out there
    Regulations prevent manipulation of the GDS in favor of a few select suppliers, so your small or independent hotel is on equal footing with the big boys. And it’s so easy for customers to compare prices, amenities and reviews that total transparency is the watchword.
  • Corporate accounting
    If your facility caters to business travelers, proper configuration within the GDS makes it more likely your hotel will appear in a corporate traveler’s search results, which could lead to a repeat customer and maybe even the coveted status of a preferred supplier with that company.
  • Data you can use
    Whatever GDS you sign up with, part of the package will be frequent reports that let you track sales figures, determine which sales channels are working best, implement an effective marketing campaign and track its effectiveness, and make note of trends that help you plan for the future.

Next time we’ll talk about what to include in your GDS listing to get all of these benefits!

Smart eHotels™ is here to help you maximize your GDS sales; contact us today to see how!

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