Hotel Global Distribution Systems Part 3: How to Get Visible

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we talked about how to use a global distribution system to reach a wider audience. So how do you get your small or independent hotel’s central reservations system (CRS) hooked up to this mother lode of reservations? It’s as easy as going to one or all of the major GDS sites and following directions, or contacting one of their sales reps directly by phone or email.

Below you’ll find the kind of information you should include to make this “electronic brochure” for your facility as effective as possible:

  • Description
    Develop both a short and long description of your small or independent hotel – in other words, the “elevator speech” version and the slightly longer “standing in line” version. In the short version, summarize the unique characteristics of your facility to appeal to your target customer. In the longer version, don’t simply repeat the short version. Use this space to add more appealing details, like comfort, service, amenities, etc.
  • Amenities
    Make sure you include every one of your facility’s amenities and services: restaurants, Wi-Fi, pool, workout facility, business center, laundry center, security features, and more. Leave nothing out.
  • Location
    Describe where your small or independent hotel is located – center city? Near the airport? Provide an address and an accurate longitude and latitude location so it can be easily found on a GPS.
  • Directions
    Provide accurate directions from the four cardinal directions and from the local airports. Train, bus, and cab information would be good to include, as well.
  • Area attractions
    List tourist attractions in the region for leisure travelers. Business travelers will appreciate listings of corporate headquarters, and businesses that could provide last-minute assistance before an important meeting, such as computer repair, copiers and office suppliers.
  • Room types and descriptions
    Again, leave nothing out: room sizes, niceties like coffee makers and refrigerators, luxury linens, recent renovations, etc.
  • Format counts
    Use complete sentences and “chunk” information into small, easily digestible sections. Bullet points are easy on the eye.
  • Be honest
    The last thing you want is for a customer to think they’re getting more than they are. Be clear and concise, but resist the temptation to wax poetic.

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