The Short List: Tips to Make Sure Your Hotel RFPs Are Top Notch

Online hotel request for proposal (RFP) sites are a convenient nexus that bring together corporate meeting planners looking for venues and hotel venues looking to connect with corporate clients.

In this mutual weeding-out process, the last thing you need is a reason to be the one weeded out. The number one reason this happens? Missing information.

Treat your online hotel RFPs with the same care you would take with a paper submission. That means dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and leaving no field unfilled. In addition to nuts-and-bolts information such as number of meeting rooms, room sizes, equipment provided, etc., the following is a list of the types of questions you may get from a potential corporate client looking for a meeting venue:

  • Hotel age and history
  • Completion dates and types of recent renovations
  • Dates of planned renovations
  • Details about the current hotel management team, such as how long the current team has been in place
  • Names and length of service of the employees who are designated convention and meeting planning contacts
  • Names and contact numbers/emails of up to three other corporate planners who have held a meeting or event of similar size at your hotel
  • Any other groups (and what kind) already scheduled for events during the potential client’s proposed dates. After all, a corporate client holding an important meeting requiring intense concentration won’t be a good fit if there’s a noisy toy company meeting in the next room.
  • Make sure your staff convention and meeting liaison is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
  • A short description of your hotel’s management policy
  • Examples of how your hotel has creatively met a client’s particular needs
  • What is it about your facility of which you are most proud?
  • Name your three biggest competitors and explain what sets your facility apart from the competition

Don’t let your hotel RFPs get weeded out; be the last venue standing! Contact Smart eHotels™ today to learn how we can help.

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