Hotel Distribution Strategy: How to Avoid Business Meeting Glitches

Having a good hotel distribution strategy can help increase your business meeting bookings. But how do you prepare to make those meetings great? Business meeting planners spend months—maybe even all year—planning and preparing for what will hopefully be a productive annual meeting. When they book their meeting dates at your hotel, they have a right to expect you and your staff will devote the same level of professional attention to making their meeting a success.

When it comes to preparing for your business guests’ arrival, it all comes down to the details.


Make their agenda your agenda
Obtain an up-to-date meeting schedule to make sure the correct meeting spaces will be available when needed. If two conferences are scheduled at the same time, having a detailed schedule for each will help keep noisy events from being assigned adjacent rooms.


Make like MacGyver
Duct tape – don’t leave home without it! A little tape over doorjambs can help keep heavy conference room doors from clattering when someone exits or enters a meeting in progress (Caveat: Make sure you aren’t breaking any fire safety codes).


Light or dark?
Have a full understanding of the events to take place so that meeting spaces are fully equipped – including blackout shades for any conference room with windows. Nothing ruins a carefully prepared PowerPoint presentation quicker than a leaky window shade.


Make sure everything works
All meeting room equipment should best tested ahead of time. Wi-Fi, Ethernet hookups, lights, audio/visual equipment—it’s all indispensable.


Maintenance issues
Be prepared to deal promptly with dead TV remote batteries, bad light bulbs, plumbing issues, all those little annoyances that could color a business guest’s stay negative.


Personnel preparation

  • If you don’t have a concierge at your hotel, consider assigning a staff member to take this role exclusively for the conference guests.
  • Schedule adequate bell staff to help the conference planner unload and transport what will inevitably be boxes and boxes of meeting materials and supplies.
  • Empower the front desk staff to deal with minor emergencies. If a reservation is lost, give staff the authority to not only immediately book a room, but compensate the guest for the inconvenience with a room upgrade or voucher for free breakfast.
  • For not-so-minor emergencies, make sure at least two staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. Also consider keeping an AED machine in the office, and have every staff member trained how to use it.


Security concerns
Particularly for the increasing number of female business travelers, safety and security are of prime importance. If a guest’s instincts are telling him or her that something isn’t right, be willing to address those concerns quickly and without question, which could include a move to a different room or a few extra walk-bys from the security guard on duty. can help you adjust your hotel distribution strategy to increase business meeting traffic. Contact us today!

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