Hotel Sales Marketing: No Niche Left Behind, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we introduced you to the concept of niche hotel sales marketing and how to find out what special interest travelers look for in a hotel that caters to their needs. This time we’ll look at things you can do attract those customers.

Tweak Your Website

Create a unique website landing page for each of the niche market segments you’ve selected. Make sure you list all the reasons that segment will find your hotel’s facilities, amenities, and services attractive.

Offer Deals and Packages Just For Them

If your hotel is in an area with attractions that draw a specific type of visitor, a great way to build that niche market is to offer package deals such as room plus theater tickets, or a wine tasting weekend, or free parking with shutter to a sports stadium for a  big game. The possibilities are endless.

Get Listed

Search out online travel agent (OTA) websites that specialize in niche markets and get listed on them. Keeping track of them can be made easier by having them integrated into your channel management software, the same one you use to manage your listings on the more broad-based online reservation systems.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Finally, get involved! Find online travel discussion forums dedicated to the niches you interested in, and don’t just lurk. Without repeatedly shoving your hotel under members’ noses, post useful articles with tips they can use, perhaps on traveling with your pet or shepherding your bulky ski or golf equipment through airports. Then start asking for feedback about what those travelers want out of a hotel with their special interests and needs in mind. Most won’t be shy about giving it to you.


Careful hotel sales marketing research and the right upgrades to your facility will more than pay for themselves once you start tapping into those niche markets your competitors are ignoring.

Smart eHotels™ can help bring your facility to the attention of lucrative niche markets. Contact us today!

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