Hotel eDistribution 101

With a million-and-one ways to market your hotel online, it’s easy to just wave a white flag before you’ve given hotel eDistribution a chance. Fasten your seatbelt; here’s a quick run-down that could help simplify things.


Priority One: Your Hotel’s Website

eDistribution is just a fancy way of saying “getting the word out on the web.” Your hotel’s main presence on the web will always be its website. It’s the hotel’s electronic brochure, its business card. Make sure the content is fresh, branded, engaging, and most of all, that all the links work.

Don’t underestimate the rising use of mobile devices to not only find travel information, but to book hotel reservations. You need a website and digital marketing campaigns that are optimized for the small-screen format of mobile devices.

Search engine optimization (SEO) of your website content is all-important in the competition to appear on the top results of search engine queries. So from the home page to individual niche customer landing pages, make sure those critical keywords are in place.


Potential Customer: The Planet

Large or small, your hotel is more and more likely these days to have foreign customers. Just like domestic ones, they’re looking for a great place to stay at a great rate. Analyze your website’s user data to find out from which countries your visitors are coming. Then invest the time and effort to create five to ten pages on your site in those languages.

Make sure your hotel is listed on international travel directories, review sites, and booking engines.


The Social Media Trap

As popular as social media sites are, these cannot be classified as hotel eDistribution channels. Why? Because customers can’t book directly from a social media site like Twitter or Facebook. Social media is a place to engage and interact with past and potential customers. Because some customers may use social media to express concerns or complaints, a Facebook page could be classified as a customer service tool—one that is public and must be handled as such. can help you turn on your eDistribution channel! Contact us today.

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