Hotel Sales Marketing: Costly Mistakes, Part 1

No hotel sales marketing plan ever rolls out smoothly, but there are a few things to remember to avoid making common mistakes that could cost you customers.

Show Customers What They’re Getting

Don’t just wax poetic in a wordy description of your hotel’s rooms. The web is a visual medium, so more pictures and fewer words, please.

  • Provide accurate pictures of the class of room in which the customer will be staying. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises to bring the customer storming to the front desk with complaints.
  • Prominently list the amenities included with each room, such as complimentary coffee/tea, Internet access (and indicate whether it’s free or not), environmental controls, bedding quality, hairdryers, window views, and security features.
  • Provide the ability for the customer to book directly from each room description, or quickly navigate to look at other types of rooms. The more clicks a customer must make to find what they want, the higher their frustration level rises—and the more likely they’ll simply leave your site to look elsewhere.
  • Make pricing levels clear and easy to understand. Don’t make them click through most of the booking process before learning what they’re going to be paying.

You Can’t Put Lipstick on a Pig

No amount of slick marketing copy and pretty pictures will make up for a customer’s first impression when they walk through your hotel’s doors. In other words, if your hotel isn’t located right on the beach, don’t show pictures of surf and sun. Don’t advertise a free full breakfast then provide only doughnuts and cold cereal. Staff members that don’t provide the level of service you’re aiming for should be shown the door. Work on raising the bar in terms of service and amenities, and focus your marketing efforts on what your hotel does have and what it does well.

Stay tuned for more avoidable hotel sales and marketing mistakes in future articles. can put your hotel sales marketing efforts on the right track. Contact us today!

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