Hotel Sales Marketing: Mistakes That Could Cost You, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 , here are more tips to keep your hotel sales marketing plan from running off the rails.


Website Wars

A large and ever-growing number of customers are using online booking engines to quickly and easily compare hotels, amenities, and prices, but that doesn’t mean you can pay less attention to your own hotel’s booking functionality.

Web-savvy customers, after finding your hotel on a popular site like or, will still pop out to your site for more information. Ideally, you’d like customers to book directly through your site, so once you have them on your site, give them a reason to stay.

  • Greet home page visitors with a clear, concise, one-sentence reason to book with you. Pretend you’re on an elevator and you have precisely thirty seconds to describe what’s great about your hotel.
  • Offer deals they won’t find on a huge, impersonal, catchall booking site.
  • Make sure your web designers know how to optimize a version of your site for mobile devices.
  • Test, re-test, and test some more to ensure the web site’s booking process is easy and works flawlessly.
  • Remember your hotel isn’t an island unto itself. Potential customers want to know what’s nearby in terms of restaurants, entertainment, services, transportation, and attractions.
  • Regularly examine the website’s analytics (information that tracks how visitors get to your site, what they do while they’re there, and where they go when they leave), and adjust the site’s functionality and content accordingly.


Failing to Keep Testing Your Limits

Sticking to the same old routine just because it works is a good way to watch your valued repeat customers get lured away by competitor’s new-and-shiny. Stay on top of industry trends, but don’t just jump on every passing marketing and technology bandwagon. Consider carefully what will work for your hotel and incorporate changes logically into your ever-evolving business plan.

Stay tuned for more tips in the next installment of this four-part series!

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