Hotel RFP Software Improves RFP Response

The invention of hotel RFP software (request for proposal) has revolutionized hotel business meeting planning. If it seems like every business and organization is suddenly shooting RFPs to your inbox, it’s probably because they are!

Quantity – yes. Quality? Hmmm…

While hotel RFP software has increased the number of proposals you’re receiving, what it hasn’t done is magically increase the time you have available to deal with the deluge. This means you could be spending lots more time going over requests, only to find that the number of acceptable ones hasn’t increased all that much.

So how can you efficiently weed out the hotel RFPs that you, as a hotel manager, wouldn’t normally touch with a ten-foot pole?

Fight software with software.

The Sorting Hat for Hotels

There now exists electronic hotel RFP software that intelligently captures the characteristics that will put the right RFPs at the top of the electronic pile, while shuffling unacceptable ones to the bottom.

In addition, eRFP software can be set up to generate an automated response that will use information in the proposal to give the sender most of the information he or she needs without requiring you to spend time answering each and every one.

Businesses that are serious about holding their meeting or event at your hotel will get back to you to hammer out the details – the very customers you want to spend your time on!

Current Software Choices

It’s easy to find software to generate paperless RFPs. You as a hotel manager can use these applications yourself to let businesses know your facility is available for meetings and conferences.

Finding software that helps you sort through RFP responses takes a little more research, but there are some good choices out there:

  • SalesEdge – designed to streamline responses to RFPs generated by one of the most popular RFP software packages out there, Qvidian.
  • Qvidian – can be used not only to generate your own RFPs, but also to analyze RFPs submitted to your hotel and tell you instantly if the proposal is a good match for your facility. In addition, it can generate professional, automated responses.
  • RFPMonkey – another software package that can quickly categorize incoming RFPs, saving you weeding-out time.

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