Hotel PPC: Make Those Clicks Pay Off

The next time you do a Google search for a hotel and wonder why certain hotel ads pop up on the top and right side of the screen, consider the last time you went to the grocery store. Do you assume the placement of products on the shelves is random or based on the whims of the stockperson? Think again. There’s a reason cans of brand-name green beans are at eye level or placed on aisle end caps—extra fees are paid to be there, relegating generic or less well-known brands to the very top or bottom shelves.

Hotel PPC (pay-per-click) marketing works much the same way:

  • A customer starts shopping by entering a search term like “hotels in (destination name).”
  • Your hotel’s PPC ad, triggered by those key words, appears in the prime spots at the top or right side of the screen.
  • If the customer clicks the ad, it leads to your hotel’s web site (preferably a dedicated landing page for your PPC campaign, which will make it easier for you to monitor traffic generated by the PPC ad).
  • Only after the customer clicks your ad do you pay. For example, if you’ve set up your hotel PPC campaign with a $2,000 monthly budget and the cost per click is $2, you can reasonably expect up to 1,000 clicks a month. If you aren’t maxing out on clicks, it’s time to rethink the key words and phrases you’re using.

How does PPC advertising enhance your hotel’s digital marketing campaign and result in more bookings?

  • It’s easy to customize a PPC ad to draw attention to a specific, limited-time special rate. For example, run a PPC ad in January to call attention to your hotel’s Valentine’s Day package.
  • The right key words can open up new markets. For instance, they can put your hotel’s name in front of business meeting planners looking for fresh venue ideas.
  • Those who click the hotel PPC ad are saved from searching your site for the most relevant information—the ad’s link will take them directly to that place.
  • With the correct coding on your web site, you can easily track which visitors arrived on your page via a PPC ad and which ones went on to book a stay.

Is there ever a time when hotel PPC advertising might not be the best choice? Yes. If, when you do a test run of specific key words and phrases, your hotel already lands on the first page of search engine results, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a PPC ad using the same key words. Use PPC advertising to expand your market and to get your name in front of customers who might not think of your hotel when they search for “business meeting venues.”

Effective hotel PPC campaigns don’t happen accidentally. Let help you reap the benefits of this tool. Contact us today.


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