RFP Solutions: What’s New in RFP Management Software

Managing incoming and outgoing RFPs, or requests for proposals, can create a logistical nightmare for hotel event managers. However, with good software RFP solutions designed to handle proposals—both the ones you’re sending to event managers and the ones they’re shooting over to you—you’ll save a lot of time, not to mention your sanity.

According to Capterra, the following are the top ten proposal management software products trending right now.


Hotel managers must compete with other hotels for desirable events. XaitPorter helps you manage proposals that can be constructed from dozens—or hundreds—of electronic files. This solution lets multiple team members work on the same RFP from multiple locations. The latest and greatest content is easy to find, so there are no frantic, last-minute scrambles to figure out what’s accurate or to find a key team member for clarifications. XaitPorter will take care of the finer points of formatting so you can focus on the content.

Paperless Proposal

A Web-based software package (which means you don’t have to download anything to your hard drive or servers), Paperless Proposal has templates that let you create a professional RFP in minutes. This software allows for more elaborate RFPs, with the ability to attach text documents, videos, and other multimedia bells and whistles. You can also include RFP solutions that let the recipient try on different pricing packages.


Built on the foundation of a powerful search engine, RFP365 helps you assign and easily manage tasks, due dates, and team resources (even if that team consists of only you). If you need data that’s stored in an external document such as Word or Excel, you can import it into your project. Plus, RFP365 includes a compliance matrix that helps you quickly triage incoming proposals into prioritized “piles” and ensure your outgoing proposal addresses all the potential client’s requests.


Another Web-based product, Loopio boasts a simple, intuitive user interface that “learns” over time what data is most important to you and where to find it in your library. The free online demo shows you how Loopio works in a team environment and how it provides RFP solutions such as workflow management tools, charting capability, and a content repository.


From brainstorming to the final bid, Privia is specifically designed to integrate multiple workflows, allowing you to keep everything straight as bids come in and proposals go out. Privia’s proposal experts have your back with an array of professional services at your fingertips.


In addition to its many collaborative and organizational tools, VisibleThread can help spot unintentional wording mistakes that could cause you to lose a lucrative hotel event you could have easily landed.


ClientSky is an RFP chameleon. Once you electronically submit your hotel’s RFP, the prospective client can view it on whatever device they happen to have at the time—a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—and it’ll still look sleek, professional, and properly formatted. The software will also send you notifications when the client opens and reads the RFP.

iQuote Xpress

This software package specializes in pulling accurate quotes from a user-created catalog of products and services, making it easy to quickly put together a mistake-free RFP. iQuote Xpress is also capable of including your custom marketing materials and legal documents with just a click or two.


Swinging from RFP tree to RFP tree since 2006, RFPMonkey.com’s strength is its automatic formatting capabilities. Web-based collaborative workspace and shared content storage round out the software package.


SharePoint is the underpinning for InnovaRFP, a highly adaptable RFP management tool that works seamlessly with Microsoft Office products.

If you’re searching for RFP solutions, let SmarteHotels.com become a valued member of your hotel requests for proposals team. Contact us today!

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