The Matrix: Navigating the World of Hotel RFP Compliance

A hotel RFP (request for proposal), when done well, looks seamless and effortless. If not done well—if it’s chunky, clunky, poorly organized, or has missing pieces—it’s on its way to the reject pile before your potential client plows halfway through it.

How do you avoid wasting valuable time and effort? The solution is to use a hotel RFP compliance matrix. This is a convenient list an evaluator can use to quickly and easily confirm that every requirement checkbox has been ticked.


Where to Start?

Before you write the hotel RFP is when the compliance matrix should be implemented.

  • First, pick apart the RFP to pinpoint every single requirement. It’s best to do this the old-fashioned way—with human eyes. There’s software out there that claims it can “shred” an RFP for you, but like the spell check tool, it’ll pick up things that aren’t important while ignoring make-or-break information.
  • The matrix should exactly match the structure of the RFP. Don’t make the evaluator hunt for information. It’s like building a good web site. The more the client has to search for a fact, the higher the frustration level and the more likely your proposal will hit the circular file.
  • What does a compliance matrix look like? In general, it looks like a simple table with columns, rows, and a header row to label the columns. Placed at or near the beginning of the document, each column details the RFP section, the stated requirement, and exactly where in the document your response can be found. For good measure, add a final column that summarizes your plan to fulfill each requirement. The evaluator will appreciate that you value his or her time as much as your own.

In the end, every page of your hotel RFP response is an opportunity to sell your facility. It can raise your hotel’s visibility without costing a dime in advertising. Make it clean, pressed, and tidy, just like you’d wear your best tie or your power heels to a sales meeting. Presentation can make all the difference.


For Further Assistance

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