Global Distribution Service: 5 Ways to Prep Your Web Site

Like a spider web, everything you do for, in, and around your hotel—from sheet thread count to marketing ideas—is a thread supported by the other connecting threads. Using a global distribution service (GDS) is only one facet of your business plan, but it has the power to make or break your bottom line if the “threads” connected to it are weak.


What can you do to ensure the time and energy you put into a GDS platform aren’t wasted? Here are five tips to maximize your success:

  1. Make sure your hotel’s web site is ready to handle the increase in traffic. Nothing destroys your marketing strategy like being shut down by your hosting site due to bandwidth issues.
  2. Check that your web site is visually appealing and uncluttered, and it’s incredibly easy for customers to book a room. A “Book Now” button on every single web page would not be overdoing it.
  3. If your GDS can be embedded in your web site, take advantage of that function. Requiring customers to click away to a different site to book a room can be annoying, and in this day and age of identity theft, raise enough suspicion to drive the customer to a competitor. If possible, keep the customer on your web site from landing page to reservation confirmation.
  4. If you have different classes of rooms with various prices, always list the highest priced option first. Some customers may be in such a hurry they won’t scroll down the page or click to a different page—they’ll just book the first room they see.
  5. Upsell—even after the booking is finished. Use the GDS’s automated confirmation email to its fullest potential. Tailor it to make customers aware of upgrades, meal options, amenities, concierge services, and more.


For Additional Ideas

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