Hotel PPC: Are You Doing it Wrong?

Hotel PPC (pay-per-click) is quite the buzzword these days. It looks deceptively easy—set it up, wait for customers to spot it on their search engine results page, and let the reservations roll in. However, the reality is it’s not that easy, and if you’re doing it wrong, you’re wasting money. Find out how to get it right using these five tips.


Tip #1: Good SEO Isn’t Enough

You may be thinking, “Why should I employ PPC when my web site’s search engine optimization (SEO) already puts my hotel at the top of most customers’ natural search results? Isn’t PPC a waste of money?”


Not necessarily. On average, a customer needs to see your hotel’s name at least seven times before it begins to “stick” in his or her mind. Ensuring your hotel’s name appears twice on the same page is like getting a two-for-one advertising deal.


Tip #2: You Can Set it and Forget it—Sort of

Sure, you can set up a hotel PPC campaign and let it do its thing, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. That’s a recipe for disappointment and a conclusion that “PPC doesn’t work.” It does work, but you have to work it. Check on the progress at least once a week and tweak it as needed.


Tip #3: Google Isn’t the Only Game in Town

Arguably, Google is the biggest and baddest paid search engine on the web, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the other search engines or treat them all the same. Studying how PPC works differently for each one will help you gain even more clicks.


Tip #4: Just Throwing Money at PPC Doesn’t Help

Conventional wisdom says if your PPC campaign isn’t generating enough click-throughs, simply raise your bid to improve page positioning. But it doesn’t work that way. Much like SEO content, search engines look at more than just how much you’re willing to pay when determining optimal page positioning. They look at the quality of the clicks you’re generating, which includes the click-through rate and the relevance of the ad content to your landing page.


Tip #5: A Good PPC Campaign Won’t Fix Everything

If your web site isn’t prepared to meet the expectations of the potential customers clicking through, you’re wasting your advertising money. Make sure your site is user friendly, especially the booking system. If a visitor has to click more than twice to find what is needed, you’re at risk of losing business to an easier-to-navigate competitor’s site.


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