Hotel RFP: Want to Make it Stand Out? Take the Inside Track

Downloading a hotel RFP (request for proposal) template from the web is super easy. (Here’s a good example.) This saves a lot of time, especially if you’re sending and tracking RFP submissions to multiple hotels.


Keep in mind, though, that meeting planners just like you are downloading and using the same templates. Do you really want to squash your business or organization into the same, cookie-cutter mold as everyone else?


With a few tweaks, you can customize and localize your RFP so yours will wind up at the top of hotel’s short-list piles.


Localize it

Local convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) are more than happy to work with you and help customize your RFP for a specific destination. This can show hotel managers you’ve taken the time to understand why their particular hotel venue is a suitable fit for your event. CVBs can also provide a general idea of high and low seasonal room rates.


If you’ve been in touch with a local CVB contact, he or she may even pitch your event to a hotel on your behalf since CVBs work directly with local hotels. This is networking at its finest. In addition, a knowledgeable local contact at the CVB can often answer questions you might have about specific hotels, saving everyone time and preventing you from worrying over little details.


Beefing up your knowledge of the hotel facility’s locale can also help when you’re planning event activities. Is it in a region known for its wineries? Plan a tasting for an after-hours social mixer. Is it in an area where outdoor activities are popular? Get creative with team-building exercises. If meeting attendees will be bringing spouses and children, then seek out a hotel facility near family-oriented attractions.


Convention and visitors bureaus can be your key to the inside track on landing the perfect hotel venue for your business meeting or event.


How Smart eHotels™ Can Help

These tips can go both ways—whether you’re a meeting planner looking for a hotel venue, or a hotel letting meeting planners know your facility is available. If you manage a hotel and want to put your hotel RFP submission on meeting planners’ short lists, we can help. Contact us today.

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