Your Hotel Marketing Plan: 3 Tips for Social Media Content Sharing

When it comes to the social media arm of your hotel marketing plan, it’s clear the best type of content is the type that gets shared, over and over again. The million-dollar question then is what is “good” content? And how do you achieve the Holy Grail of social media—going viral?


Tip #1: Offer Solutions

Ask your front desk staff what travel-related problems most customers complain about. They don’t always involve specific problems with the hotel itself, but the misadventures the customer relates about getting to and from the destination.


Travel how-tos are among the most shared type of content on the web. A few sample topics you can customize for your hotel or its location include:

  • How to make the most effective use of suitcase space.
  • How to stay organized during a business trip.
  • How to easily and cheaply get around your area during a very busy time, like high tourist season or during a special event.
  • How to handle encounters with the local wildlife (animal and human).
  • Simple “hacks” that make traveling with kids easier.


Tip #2: Bite Into the Bulleted List

In general, web pages filled with reams of “grey”—long blocks of unbroken text—are at best skimmed, at worst skipped altogether. While online, readers’ eyes are drawn to short, punchy, bulleted lists. For example, you could develop the following ideas into bulleted content:

  • Top five things to see and do in your area.
  • Items travelers should and shouldn’t leave behind when traveling to your region.
  • Ways to blend in like a local.


Tip #3: Make it Visual

Including an eye-catching graphic or photo that captures the topic and tone of your content makes it easy for readers to share on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Superimposing the title, such as “Five Travel Hacks You Can’t Live Without” or “(Location name)’s Best Beaches” on the picture means readers don’t have to take their eyes off it to comprehend the message.


How-to or list videos, while more labor intensive and expensive to produce, can sometimes be the most effective way to communicate your content. For example, what do you think will better show off your hotel’s amenities? A static picture, or a video panning across the pool area while palm trees wave and kids splash in the sun? Which might gain more business: a photo of an empty ballroom, or a clip of a business meeting or event in progress?


By knowing who your customers are, how far ahead they book, and why they come to your hotel, it’s more likely your hotel marketing plan content will go viral.


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