Hotel Sales Marketing: What Makes a Good Marketing Manager?

Congratulations! Your hotel business has grown thanks to your hard work, careful planning, and targeted hotel sales marketing efforts. However, you find marketing is taking up a larger and larger chunk of each day. You decide to hand off this task to someone who can concentrate all their energy into this time-intensive task.


First Steps

You may be tempted to “hire from within”—simply assigning these duties to an existing staff member—but is this the best move? A good marketing manager needs a variety of skills, not least of which is multitasking. The following list of specialized skills for a good marketing manager will help you select the right person for this job, whether he or she is already on your staff, or you reach out to hire someone new.

  • Objectivity

Do you know why customers choose your hotel? Well, yes, of course you do. The combination of service, price point, and location, right? You provide these features and the customers come. But have you directly asked customers what factors went into their choice? This is valuable information you might be missing out on. A good marketing manager will ask hard questions like these—what you did right, what could be better, what was a turnoff—to not only bring customers back, but attract more of the ones you want.

  • An Eye for New Marketing Opportunities

In addition to keeping the hotel’s web site polished and up-to-the-minute, a marketing manager should be up on the latest trends in online and real-time marketing. That means maintaining a lively, interactive presence on a variety of social media and review sites. Plus, this marketing expert should develop new and creative ways to maintain an active role in the local community, like sponsoring a high school team or hosting “pop-up” venues for local crafters, designers, and food vendors to showcase their talents.

  • Networking Ability

All hotels have periods where occupancy rates traditionally dip. A good marketing manager will need to come up with innovative ways to boost occupancy without lowering standards for your target customer. This is where the ability to effectively network with other local businesses could make the difference. Is your hotel traditionally a busy mecca for summer tourists? Bring in new winter guests with a weekend of gourmet food and wine tastings provided by nearby restaurants and wineries. Are meeting rooms going empty during the business conference off-season? Open them for short-term use by local businesses, clubs, or charity organizations.

  • Humility

A good marketing manager doesn’t forget that every last member of the staff is the face of the hotel and can make or break a customer’s experience. Never overlook the fact that staff members can be an excellent source of ideas not only to improve service, but to make a customer’s stay one-of-a-kind. In a good way.


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