Hotel SEO: Do Your Homework, Make the Grade

Let’s try a hotel SEO experiment. Go to Google, and type “hotel” plus the name of your hometown or the nearest big city in the text box. Press Enter to search.


What do you see?


In the list of unpaid results, most likely you see links to the most popular travel booking sites, perhaps one or two of the hottest travel review sites, and maybe one large hotel chain. Down at the very bottom.


What don’t you see?


Chances are, you probably won’t see links to small hotel chains or independents. Go ahead, click on page two of the search results. More big commercial names. Page three—more of the same. No, wait, there’s one independent luxury hotel clear down at the bottom of page three.


How did that get there? What is this hotel doing right, or at least right enough to claw its way onto page three? And what could the staff improve upon to work their way up to page two . . . or the Holy Grail of search engine results, page one? Below are three ideas to make this happen:

  1. Research keywords. Using the wrong keywords is just as bad as ignoring hotel SEO completely. For example, a highly desirable but overused phrase like “luxury hotel” is a good way to make your hotel disappear from search results. Think about how your target customer might word a search phrase, like “hotel Detroit historic district” or “lakefront hotel Detroit.”
  2. Build keywords into your hotel web site. Take your carefully researched keywords and begin building them into your hotel web site. This doesn’t mean randomly copying and pasting clumps of words on every page. The words have to make sense within the context of the content. Think of this as building a story around those keywords. Include useful content that draws the reader to click “book” instead of “back.”
  3. Cookie-cutter = kiss of death. Don’t trust some other company’s web site template to effectively manage your hotel’s SEO strategy. Custom fit the web site structure, as well as the content, to your hotel. Make every image, every word something the customer wants more of, not meaningless click bait.


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