Hotel Marketing: Build an Audience With Guest Blogging (Part 2)

Last time, we talked about how to choose the right hotel marketing blog for a guest appearance. Now let’s look at how to be the kind of guest who will get invited back.


  • Subject Matter Matters

Don’t just write a blog that’s a glorified ad for your hotel. Tell the audience something they don’t know. Solve a problem many of them encounter when traveling in general, or to your region in particular. Need ideas? Check the blog’s most popular posts and look for an information gap you can fill.

  • Be a Good Guest

Words are fluid. Submit your blog post well ahead of deadline, and be willing to work with the blog owner to shape the content to better suit the blog’s audience. No content is so perfect that it can’t be improved. Also, make sure your content and images are properly vetted. The last thing you want is to get yourself and your host into copyright infringement.

  • Be Accessible

Remember, you’re not dealing with industry insiders. Stuffing your blog post with industry jargon and “Huh?”-inducing, alphabet-soup acronyms isn’t going to endear you to your audience. Write as if you’re talking face-to-face with someone who’s a blank slate. That doesn’t mean talking down to your audience; it means putting yourself in their traveling shoes.

  • Easy on the Hard Sell

Chances are you won’t be allowed to include a direct link to any discounts or offers tied in with your guest blog post. For example, you most likely can’t end the post with a blatant call to action, like “Click here, mention this post, and get a 20% discount.” This is skating too close to ad copy. A more subtle way to handle it is to invite readers to sign up for your email list, and offer something as a reward once they do—a stay discount, a free service, or a room upgrade.

  • Prepare for Visitors

Your blog post is going to hopefully generate interest in your hotel, so make sure every site the reader lands on, from web site to social media pages, is polished and functioning properly.

  • Reciprocate!

After you’ve posted your guest blog and engaged with those who comment on it, don’t forget to invite your host to post content on your hotel’s blog. The resulting exchange could build a long-term relationship that’s mutually beneficial to both sites’ audiences.


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