What’s Hot in Hotel Sales Marketing Software

Managing hotel sales marketing efforts is no walk on the beach. Behind a hotel’s seamless customer experience—from information gathering to booking a stay to the stay itself—lies a staff paddling furiously to keep it all running smoothly.

The right sales and marketing software can make the difference between everyone pulling together or dealing with a tangle of oars. Here’s what’s new on the horizon right now.


Customizable across a broad range of industries, Salesforce offers software that can be used to manage marketing campaigns, among its many other functions. Its Chatter application is specifically designed for mobile phones first, allowing for quick and easy team collaboration and increased productivity on the go. In addition, its Force.com and Heroku software can be used to design custom apps for your hotel. Click here for information.


This package is built specifically for small businesses, making it ideal for managers of small, independent hotels. Its toolbox can assist with marketing, communication, social media, and e-commerce. The interface is user-friendly, but help and training are readily available if needed. Click here for more information and a demo.


Few marketing sales software packages are as tightly focused on marketing as Marketo. Its many automation capabilities allow users to spend more time engaging customers and less time micromanaging. Marketo’s tools help with social media effectiveness, growing sales leads, budgeting and analytics, and even web site customization. Marketo can be integrated with other packages like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Click here to learn what all the buzz is about.


Among its other tools, Silverpop helps you deliver finely targeted marketing campaigns to your customers’ inboxes. It also gives customers more control over the relationship, with options that allow them to determine how much email interaction they would like at any given time. Customers have the option of logging in through their existing Facebook accounts rather than going through the tedious process of creating yet another sign-in and password they’ll have to remember. For more information on Silverpop’s full suite of hotel marketing sales tools, click here.

Smart eHotels™ can help you select a hotel sales marketing software package that’s a perfect fit for your hotel. Contact us today!

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