Hotel SEO: It Doesn’t Stand Alone, Part 1

For a long time, the big buzzwords of online hotel marketing have been “search engine optimization” (SEO). And it doesn’t look like anything is going to knock SEO off its throne—or at least off the top five list—anytime soon.

Hotel SEO can’t carry the marketing load all by itself, though, and it’s a mistake to think simply SEO-ing your way to top search engine results will automatically boost profits. Online visibility is only the first of many steps needed to build a hotel brand that will stick with customers long after their stay is over.

The Better to Market With, My Dear

SEO and the name of your hotel are natural partners. However, if you’ve done everything right with your SEO efforts and aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for, it might be time to take a hard look at your hotel’s name.

If there’s nothing about your Downtown Inn’s name to distinguish it from a few dozen other Downtown Inns fighting for visibility, consider changing or adding words that not only differentiate, but make your hotel stand out.

Even large, international chain hotels have shrewdly added to or changed an individual facility’s name so it lands at the top of search engine result pages. For example, let’s take a fictional small chain of three hotels in New York City, all under the umbrella “New York City Suites,” distinguished only by their street addresses. A potential customer who’s searching “hotels in Manhattan” will never know one of your facilities is in Manhattan.

By adding a location to each facility’s generic name—New York City Suites Manhattan, New York City Suites Park Slope, and New York City Suites Bronx—you enhance your brand while raising your SEO visibility.

Hotel SEO doesn’t have to carry the weight of your marketing campaign. Let us show you how. Contact us today!

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