Hotel Marketing: When to Consider Hiring a Consultant

You’ve tried every hotel marketing tool you can think of to target a specific set of customers, and the results are still falling short of your goals. What now?

Maybe you’ve got all the right pieces—the staff, the online presence, the connections to online travel agents (OTAs), even a software package touted to “do it all”—but they’re not fitting together like they should.

There’s such a thing as being too close to a situation or problem to see clear solutions. A consultant has the experience and objectivity to help your hotel marketing program get back on track.


“What can a consultant do for me?”

  • Consultants can help you develop an overall marketing plan or share expertise in one or two specific areas, such as social media, email marketing, or budgeting.
  • A consultant can be an extra set of hands to get an important marketing campaign developed and implemented on time. Even temporarily, the fresh perspective a consultant provides can rejuvenate the entire sales and marketing team.
  • A well-trained, experienced consultant can give you the professional, polished edge your hotel marketing campaign has been lacking. Not, perhaps, because you lack ideas or enthusiasm; you may simply lack the resources to make the campaign resemble in real life how you picture it in your head.
  • Whereas you are juggling several roles and responsibilities at once, a consultant can focus on one or a few important projects. While this may sound like an unnecessary indulgence, a well-executed marketing campaign can lift up every other aspect of hotel operations.
  • A consultant can enhance efficiency by upgrading employee training, making sure you’re using software packages to their fullest potential, and even improving how your marketing and sales team works together.

“How do I pick a good consultant?”

When was the last time you had a really great conversation? A good conversationalist doesn’t do most of the talking—he or she gets you to talk. Interviewing a consultant should feel a lot like that. He or she will want to know what your needs are, how your team generally works together, and information about past marketing campaigns and how you think they succeeded or failed.

He or she will offer examples of successes with other clients (while honoring confidentiality agreements), show you testimonials, outline his or her experience and training, and define what can be brought to your specific marketing table.

Most importantly, be wary of a consultant who seems to want to fit your marketing strategy into a “pre-loaded” program rather than customizing solutions to fit your hotel’s specific needs.

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