Hotel PPC: “Vacancy” to “Sold Out” Is a Click Away, Part 1

Wouldn’t it be great to have a marketing contingency plan ready to go at a moment’s notice? You can with hotel PPC or pay-per-click.

Cancellation? No Problem

Say it’s wedding season, and at the last possible minute, one of those weddings is cancelled, suddenly freeing up a huge block of rooms. Or a major rock concert is called off due to the lead singer’s bad throat, and room cancellations start pouring in. Either way, you’re left scrambling instead of hanging out the “no vacancy” sign.

Now’s the time to deploy a good PPC campaign. What kind of campaign is most likely to fill those empty rooms on short notice?

  • Tried and True

It’s good to have a thoroughly tested PPC campaign in your back pocket, one that you’ve tested before and found to turn over a good number of reservations. Hopefully it’s one that promotes your hotel brand as well as an attractive deal.

  • Aim for a Moving (Mobile) Target

A PPC campaign can be perfect to catch the attention of travelers who are just passing through and looking at the last minute for a place to lay their heads. People on the move aren’t typically going to take the time to dig out their laptops, but what’s the first thing travelers do when they step off the plane or pull over for gas or a meal? Check their mobile phones. Adjusting your PPC budget toward mobile devices can catch more of this type of potential business.

  • Take it One Night at a Time

Combined with a mobile-targeted campaign, one-night-only deals on room rates can attract a lot of attention. Further narrowing the campaign’s focus by location (nearby) and time of day (last minute) can spark that get-it-now-or-miss-out sense of urgency.

  • Become Geo-Smart

“Hotels in Cleveland” may sound like a good PPC keyword selection—until you’re wasting your budget with customers who are looking in Cleveland, Tennessee instead of Cleveland, Ohio. Limiting your potential audience to those looking in your specific area will save you money.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series! In the meantime, contact us today for more expert advice on how to develop your hotel PPC strategy.

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