Hotel PPC: “Vacancy” to “Sold Out” Is a Click Away, Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Invest in the Best

Once you’ve honed a branded, targeted hotel PPC or pay-per-click campaign that has shown positive results, don’t be afraid to invest more money up front to enhance your chances for good/more frequent placement. PPC is one of the best ways for smaller hotel operations to get on a level advertising field with “the big cheeses” of the hospitality industry.

How do you create a branded PPC campaign? It takes some time, patience, and persistence. Studies have shown that a name must appear in front of a potential customer’s eyes an average of seven times before it begins to “stick.” Here are some tips that may prove helpful:

  • Always bid on your hotel’s brand name. Without fail. Thus, when emergencies like a rash of cancellations pop up, you’re ready at a moment’s notice for the next step.
  • Once you’ve put that brand name solidly in the game, you can begin to branch out into slightly more generic (and more expensive) keywords based on location, such as “hotels near Wrightsville beach.” Or, as in our cancellation scenario, you can drop in those flash sale keywords to generate interest.
  • Keep it hands-on. Letting an automated software program do all the work is a sure path to failure. And if you’re using an agency to manage your hotel PPC campaign, make sure they offer the individualized attention your company needs. The payoff in increased revenue should more than cover their cost.

Prepare Your Landing Page

Don’t forget to update your hotel’s web site to coordinate with the PPC ad. Nothing frustrates a potential customer more than clicking on a link for a fantastic deal and then having to hunt around on the hotel’s web site to find it.

Empty rooms? No need to panic. Let us help you develop a hotel PPC strategy that works. Contact us today!

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