Hotel RFPs: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for hotel group events – like business meetings, conventions, and weddings – can build your customer base in many different ways. For example, businesses that held a successful meeting are likely to return. Individuals who booked a room for a wedding may come back for leisure travel or to book a wedding reception of their own.

Here are a few tips to keep your hotel RFPs in the high-quality zone.

Mistake #1: Quantity Over Quality

You’ve done your homework and gotten your hotel’s name out there as a possible business meeting or wedding venue. Hotel RFPs are flying into both your email inbox and snail mailbox. Instinct tells you to treat each one as what it is: a potential paying customer. Each one deserves a prompt response, right?

Be careful you don’t find yourself bogged down and wasting time going after business that isn’t right for your property. You risk underselling your hotel to clients who have unrealistic budget expectations, and probably will wind up not booking with you anyway.

Don’t respond to a business’s scattershot RFP approach with a return volley of wasted effort. Be selective. Scan each RFP and decide which ones are realistically right for your property.

With that narrowed-down list, you now have the time to concentrate on going after high-quality events that will result in higher profit margin and happy clients who are more willing to come back next year.

Mistake #2: Working From A Script

Do your research before taking up a potential client’s time with a long-winded sales call. Find out what the business or organization is all about, and be armed with a dozen or so good questions that relate to that specific client. Your attention to detail will go a long way toward selling your facility, as will your ability to listen while you let the client fully answer the questions.

Mistake #3: Promising The Moon

In your quest to attract profitable clients to hold events at your facility, never promise what you can’t deliver on time and at/under budget. In addition, if the client is asking for the moon in terms of comps, don’t comply until you’ve made sure it’s not going to turn a potentially profitable group event into a red-ink disaster.

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