hotel gds

Smart eHotels looks under the hood to audit your Hotel GDS status

How Good is Good?

Just how are you doing in global distribution? Smart eHotels™ Hotel GDS Tuning service takes a good hard look and delivers a thorough report. When agents find you, how does your profile play against the competition? We check Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan to determine:

  • Hotel description accuracy in GDS and CRS
  • Hotel GDS seamless result
  • Updated image verification (logo and property)
  • Sabre indexes and geocoding
  • Negotiation platform accuracy (Lanyon, or other 3rd party sites)
  • CRS corporate agreement and rate load accuracy
  • Corporate room night production in your market and hotel
  • Competitor performance

Once we have compiled an audit of your GDS performance, we can update any indexes carrying stale data. The audit is also a comprehensive perspective of your relative market position. With this data, we can work with you to develop a strategy that will make you more competitive. Your bookings and ADR will improve.