Pay Per Performance GDS Consortia Program


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The Pay Per Performance GDS consortia program is concepted for making independent and hotel groups as competitive as large chains in the GDS market.
Instead of paying annual participation fees for a selection of Consortia (Global Agency networks), the Pay Per Performance (PPP) program allows hotels to pay a fee per room night booked and confirmed.

PPP offers:
  • Risk-free possibility to promote hotels in 3 agencies’ networks
  • Preferred partnership of 3 consortia: ABC•CCRA, THOR Travel Services and World Rainbow Hotels
Your Benefits:
  • Higher visibility in the GDS – increases the possibility to receive more bookings
  • Saving of over 75% participation fees compared to the original program price
  • Risk -free: you will never pay more room night fees than the real value of the annual subscription per program

Reputation & Performance

THOR Travel Services

  • 2,500 Travel agencies around the world
  • Over 9.4 million room nights booked yearly
  • Weekly marketing opportunities to address Travel Agent

ABC•CCRA Premier Hotel Program

  • The Most Powerful Global Consortia Hotel Program
  • Reach Over 75,000 Agency Members Across the Globe
  • Largest Corporate, Leisure and Group Networks



  • WRH is the first and only supplier for LGBTQ+ welcoming hotels
  • This travel market in U.S. is estimated at $84.5 billion
  • The hotel will get more exposures to travel agencies and gain more marketing opportunities

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